5 Reasons why I quit my job!

July 29, 2016

5 Reasons Why I Quit My Job!

Hi everyone! It’s me, Ruby…Tori Blush Studio Manager and Lead Artist! I’m taking over the blog on this one to share 5 reasons why I quit my job to become a makeup artist full time! Since graduating with a Bachelors of Commerce, I’ve worked in the financial industry for the last four years, all while assisting Suzanna on countless weddings on the side. In January of this year, I decided to take the plunge and become a makeup artist full time!

1) Following My Dreams

I’ve always had a deep interest in the beauty industry and makeup artistry but would only shared this secret passion with a select few. It wasn’t until I realized that time is unforgiving and doesn’t slow down for anyone that I needed to pursue this dream of mine ASAP! I didn’t want to live life knowing that I didn’t take the risk to do what I loved the most. Thankfully, my loving husband was super encouraging. It also helps when I have a mentor like Suzanna guide and support me through the thick and thin and watch me grow as an artist.

2) Makeup Makeup and More Makeup

Another reason why I became a full time makeup artist is so that I have a legitimate excuse to own all the eyeshadow palettes and lippies that I do. Who doesn’t love shopping for makeup and testing new products? I think that’s the part I enjoy the most about being an MUA. Work trip to Sephora? Yes please!

3) Unleashing My Creativity

All this talk about how I love being in the beauty industry must make you think I hated my last job. Don’t get me wrong – I loved my previous career. My manager was awesome and my job definitely helped pay the bills, but I felt something lacking. I didn’t have a creative outlet at my previous position and there’s just so much I could do to be creative within my cubicle. Now, as a makeup artist, I am free to play with different colours, test different products, and make beautiful faces! I view each client that sits in our studio chair as a brand new canvas, and it allows me to be creative and free and do what I love the most!

4) Great Clients

Suzanna and I boast about this all the time, but we truly do have the best clients! They are all so sweet, nice, and down to earth. I get to meet new people everyday, chat about the latest makeup trends, and learn about my bridal clients’ love stories or how the proposal went down. More often than not, clients become more than just clients; they end up becoming our friends.

5) Tori Blush Studio

Uhm… have you seen our studio? Everything, from the gallery wall to the vintage chairs, has been perfectly curated specifically for the studio. It brings out the girly in all of us! The studio is also the perfect relaxed place to beautify all of our clients, whether it is for their graduation or wedding day, without the hustle and bustle of beauty counters. Our focus is on the client, and making sure they leave feeling confident and beautiful!

I hope you learned a little bit more about me and I hope what I shared inspires you to pursue your own dream career! I’m so happy to have boarded the Tori Blush train at the right time. We are now growing so much that we can’t keep up and are looking for more amazing Lead Makeup and Hair Artists to join our team!

Here is what we’re looking for:
– experience with both makeup and hair
– infectious personality – professional and reliable
– experience with all skin types and tones

If you’re dying to be part of our team and join us here at the studio, please email us at hello@toriblush.com with a link to your portfolio and tell us about yourself! We’d love to meet you!

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