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Spring Fling

Spring Style – Half Top Knot Tutorial

April 27, 2016

We’re dusting off our Tori Blush blog (it’s been a minute!) and starting fresh with a new blog series called Spring Style! Just in time too…we’ve been loving the warmer weather in Vancouver these days!

When we think of Spring Style, florals, denim, effortless hair and fresh make-up come to mind. In this blog series – Spring Style, we will walk you through several tutorials for both hair and makeup to give you a fresh faced and polished look. Be ready to welcome this season with open arms!

Photo: Christine Pienaar Model: Emily Magowan Jewels: Olive + Piper


Take a 1 inch wand or curler (you can use a regular clamp iron like a wand too!) and take small sections and wrap around your wand. In this tutorial, I’ve curled the hair to curl away from the face. If your hair curls well, only hold in place for a few seconds – we’re going for soft beachy waves and not tight curls, so a few seconds will do! If your hair needs a little extra loving, hold hair for a few extra seconds. Release hair and do not touch it. We will let the curls cool in this position.


Part hair equally on both sides. Where you begin your part is totally up to you, depending on your preference. Here I’ve sectioned the hair just above the temple area though this half top knot looks great parted from any top portion of your head. I’ve sectioned the back portion to the top of the crown of the head.

hair part


Put the sectioned hair into a ponytail.


Using the end of a tail comb, gently lift the front of the ponytail to give a little lift and volume at the front.


Take your sectioned ponytail and using a tail comb or teasing brush, tease the underside of the hair – from base to tip.


Once the ponytail is teased, begin to twist it from the base to the tip.


Begin wrapping the twisted hair into a bun – I usually twist counter clockwise, but either direction works!


Wrap twisted ponytail until bun is complete and now what we call a top knot.


Take a few bobby pins and secure the top knot.

STEP 10:

Gently begin to fluff your top knot, pulling out the base and middle sections. This gives the top knot some extra volume and looks more like a cotton puff than a tight bun!
Finally, run your fingers through your hair and loosen those waves!

I hope this simple, yet stylish tutorial will help bring your hair game Spring ready! Show us your top knots by tagging us on our Instagram @toriblushco. #toriblush

Big thanks to my amazing friend Christine Pienaar for taking these amazing pictures and for the beautiful Emily Magowan for being my muse!



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